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  1. Self-help | Depression and Anxiety


    It’s a good idea to have a range of tools to help deal with the feelings, thoughts or behaviour linked to depression and anxiety.

  2. 12 Things to Know Before You Help a Friend with Depression


    The fact that you’re searching for ways to help a friend living with depression is marvelous. You’d think that in a world of Dr. Google, everyone would do some research about something that ...

  3. Help for Introverts Who Are Struggling With Depression


    When we don't talk about introverts and depression, it creates a heart-breaking situation: Introverts who are depressed don't get the help they so desperately need.

  4. MOODJUICE - Depression - Self-help Guide


    If you experience symptoms of depression or low moods it is likely that you will recognise many of the feelings, physical symptoms, thoughts and behaviour patterns described below.

  5. Helping Someone with Depression - HelpGuide.org


    When a spouse, family member, or friend suffers from depression, your support and encouragement can play an important role in their recovery. You can help them to cope with depressions symptoms, overcome negative thoughts, and regain their energy, optimism, and enjoyment of life.

  6. How to Help Your Spouse With Depression: 11 Steps (with ...


    Depression is a mental illness that requires treatment just like any other medical condition. If your spouse is suffering from depression, there are things that you can do to help. Helping your spouse get treatment, supporting your spouse during treatment, and taking good care of yourself are all ...

  7. Coping with Depression - HelpGuide.org


    Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to take the steps that will help you to feel better. But while overcoming depression isn’t quick or easy, it’s far from impossible.

  8. 43 Small Things People With Depression Do Every Day To ...


    Health 43 Small Things People With Depression Do Every Day To Feel Good. Here's a shit ton of tips and tricks that can make it easier getting through the day.

  9. Depression | Here to Help


    Learn more about depression. Find symptoms, treatments, self-management strategies, and places to go for help.

  10. 10 Ways to Get Things Done Despite Depression - Everyday ...


    Tackling daily activities may be difficult when you suffer from depression. Learn about how to get things done despite depression at EverydayHealth.com.